Friday, December 2nd 2016
Palace of Sports
Kiev, Ukraine




A sharp open in the backstage area reveals Redemption sat alone in the locker room. He sighs and turns to the camera, his body language exasperated.

Redemption - Do you really just sit in people's locker rooms and film them? Is this why CJ and Jesse are always so crazy?

Before the cameraman can respond, there's a knock on the door. Redemption freezes, mutters to the cameraman.

Redemption - One of yours?

The camera shifts a little.

Cameraman - Maybe it's Angel.

Redemption gets to his feet quickly, shakes his head.

Redemption - He wouldn't knock.

Redemption takes a cautious step towards the door before breaking into a more confident swagger.

Redemption - He's already seen me naked a thousand times anyway.

Redemption opens the door wide and regards, with calmness, the man standing in front of him.

Redemption - Joe.

JC - Drake.

Redemption - JC.

JC - Redemption.

Redemption looks JC up and down.

Redemption - This is unexpected. Normally I'm the one accosting people in their locker rooms, messing with their minds and whatnot.

JC shrugs.

JC - You had to learn it from somewhere.

Redemption tilts his head thoughtfully.

Redemption - Are we finally going to have our heart-to-heart, old friend? In your quest for redemption you've been making a point to avoid me, the old flame you burned the most. It's almost offensive.

JC - Maybe some other time. Someone accidentally gave me something of yours.

JC produces a cream-coloured envelope with 'Redemption' marked upon it in cursive handwriting.

Redemption - You're a mailman now? Well, I guess wrestling was never your calling.

Redemption voice wavers a little as he snatches the envelope from JC's hand and JC notices, seemingly taken aback by the hint of emotion from Redemption.

JC - Anything interesting?

Redemption - Shush.

Redemption waves his hand dismissively as he opens the envelope, pulling out the note contained within. He's protective of it, ensuring the camera doesn't get to read it - but his posture tellingly changes as he reads it. He crumples up the paper.

JC - Bad news, huh?

Redemption - You motherfucker.

JC - Say what?

Redemption lashes out and catches JC with a hook to the jaw. The camera follows eagerly as Redemption leaps out of the door to continue his wild assault on JC, slamming his fists down on JC's back until JC pushes him forcefully away. Redemption slams against the corridor wall.

JC - What the hell is wrong with you!?

Redemption - FUCK YOU!

Redemption swings at JC again, who is this time able to dodge it. Guards have heard the commotion and begin to push their way into the corridor between JC and Redemption in an attempt to separate the two men. JC shakes his head.

JC - And people thought I was crazy. Get help, Drake.


Redemption is forceably restrained by the surrounding security guards as JC regards Redemption with confusion, shaking his head and again and walking away willingly as the scene fades out.


The show begins as every single other one does, with a plain shot of the sold-out crowd here in Kiev, Ukraine; the capital of the country. The fans are packed in tightly here in the Palace of Sports, making for quite the atmosphere as the ten-thousand fans are buzzing in anticipation of the show to begin. The fixated shot from the rafters stays aiming downward towards the floor of the building, staying that way even as the lights cut out and the fans cheer once they realize what is going on. The sounds of "Addiction" by Dope begin to blast through the PA System which keeps in direct tune with the video package that currently plays up on the Outsider Tron; showing the bits and pieces of action from the active roster members, profiling each and every one in some form or fashion. Soon enough the producers cut us to the shot of a camera man standing in the aisle with his back to the ring, allowing him to film up towards the stage and entrance way which immediately come alive with the fireworks display that accompanies the start of every Addiction event. Streams of red, white and yellow pyrotechnics scream upwards into the rafters of the building where they explode to add to the spectacle of the opening ceremony of sorts; the fans drowned out by the fifteen second explosion-fest mixed in with the high volume of the theme song for OWF Friday Addiction still bumping through each and every speaker rigged up inside the building. The fireworks stop and leave their smoke hanging in the air above the heads of the fans, giving the members of the crowd the first chance to have their voices heard in a good while; taking the opportunity to scream out at the top of their lungs in unison, rivaling the volume level of the music which is still playing out. We cut away from the stage to get amongst the crowd in the higher levels of the building, showing the passion is just as firey and steadfast in the nosebleeds as it is down in the expensive seats where the fans paid top dollar months ago to ensure their spots. We cut away to a level lower than where we were at, giving the fans in that section a chance to have their voices be heard and for their fifteen minutes of fame to arrive as they swarm the camera man to prevent him from getting any shots aside from the rabid Ukrainians who are all ready for the night's action to begin. After a few more moments from this shot we are brought live to the original shot we had of the stage, with the camera man swinging his way around and heading away from the ramp to stalk the aisle in the direction of the ringside area. As he arrives there he swings off to his left to round the steel ring steps, pointing the live shot to the front row of fans who are leaning over the steel barricade; either waving their hands to be noticed or flailing a sign up so that gets the recognition they feel it deserves. The cameraman walks swiftly enough that he doesn't linger on any one fan for too long, making it to the second corner and looping past it with a sharp right turn that brings him past the time keepers table where the two female Ring Announcers sit. Finally, after all of that walking, the camera man reaches his destination as he plants his feet firmly against the concrete floor under his sneakers so he can keep his back facing to the ring. He does this to keep a nice and steady shot of the two-man commentary team of Bobby Shavonie and Nick Burst as Nick adjusts his wireless headset over his well kept hair while Bobby shuffles around his notes for the night so everything stays in order. Shavonie and Burst are quick to look up into the camera in front of them, getting the cue from the production crew in the backstage area to take control of the show and speak their minds; having Bobby take the lead as he always does, clearing his throat and paving the way while Burst lays out to get through the opening address.

Bobby Shavonie - Hello fans, and welcome to the FIRST OWF Friday Addiction of December!

Nick Burst - Weather is getting colder, otherwise I'd tell you that I don't believe we're already in the twelfth month of the year.

Bobby Shavonie - It's true Nick... 2016 has buzzed past us like a bolt of lightning.

Nick Burst - It really has and now it's left 2017 up for grabs... but we won't be able to talk about any of that until we get through the rest of 2016.

Bobby Shavonie - And that means everything we have in store tonight, as well.

Nick Burst - I guess we should talk about the celebration we all were "invited" to...

Bobby Shavonie - Ah yes, GI is reunited with Belty this evening and we're all going to have front row seats to it!

Nick Burst - It's a huge moment for him so I'll let him have his place in the sun... but he clearly has even more screws loose than he already did thanks to Chaos.

Bobby Shavonie - Well he also had to deal with the Engines of Chaos from UGWC in Rogan MacLean, Ichabod, Holden Orson and Gabriel Baal...

Nick Burst - That's true. That led to GI coming to the aid of Chaos, the man he beat for the PDA Title. Leading us here tonight.

Bobby Shavonie - That's one thing we've gotten out of the way, but still we need to bring up that interaction with JC and Redemption.

Nick Burst - You're not kidding. That shit was tense. What do you think was in that letter?

Bobby Shavonie - Lord knows... but it certainly upset Redemption enough to make him want to kill JC.

Nick Burst - As if the two men didn't have enough to deal with on their own, now they're getting involved with each other.

Bobby Shavonie - It's quite a sight to see... especially with the way things are coming to a head...

The camera man, at the urging of the production team in the backstage area, steps off to his left exactly three paces so he can arrive out in front of the time keepers table where he's greeted by the sight of Missy Janson and her Ukrainian counterpart picking up their microphones and standing to their feet at either side of the table.

Bobby Shavonie - And as you can tell, we're getting close to moving on with the show... So I guess we'll address the card as it goes, considering what else we saw before this night started...

"Bleed The Freak" by Alice in Chains starts to play as Trent Steel comes out of the back in his ring gear carrying the OWF Cruiserweight Title on his shoulder. He calls for a microphone once he gets into the ring.

Nick Burst - Well, maybe not!

Bobby Shavonie - It looks like we're kicking things off with our own Cruiserweight Champion, Trent Steel!

Nick Burst - Hopefully it's nothing that's gonna effect tonight's main event!

His music slowly fades away, and Trent begins to speak into the head of the microphone.

Trent Steel - Cut it! So...How to go about this the right way since we all saw what happened at Brawltopia. We saw me, once again, doing what's best for this company and someone else dropping the damn ball. I gotta say this. I don't mean to sound like I'm bitching, but damn it kid...why'd you have to tap out? If you had just held out a few more seconds, but then again if your dad had held out just a few more seconds...I wouldn't have you to deal with!

The whole crowd screams out at the viciousness of that burn.

Trent Steel - Sebastian! I've had it up to here with your excuses. I know you're going to make them. About how it's all part of some plan of yours. Some plan no one else see's. Blah blah blah. Just fuck off! And as for Angel and Redemption well...you know...I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your whole win was for nothing.

The fans seem a little taken back by that.

Bobby Shavonie - Nothing?

Nick Burst - Those two not only got a win over Trent and Sebastian with the tag team titles, but they heavily influenced the main event with their mind games!

Bobby Shavonie - That's what I'm saying.

Trent continues.

Trent Steel - See. I thought about a lot of ways I could come in here tonight and piss you two off for trying to use me. I stress the word trying because your plans just kinda went up in smoke since I just talked CJ into something. Now. Both of you. You both hate one thing more than Jesse Williams. We all know it. We all see it. So if Phantasm doesn't do his job at Holiday Bash...There's one more ace in the hole. Because I am the first offical entrant into "The X-Mas Tree Match"!

The crowd screams out with cheers at this information as Trent takes off his shades.

Bobby Shavonie - Trent Steel won that match when no one else thought he could last year.

Nick Burst - He's out to do another OWF first and win it two years in a row!

Bobby Shavonie - And along with that, he'd be the first to repeat; ever!

Steel takes a deep breath and they proceeds.

Trent Steel - You see. So I figured I could come out here and do horrible, career ending injuries to both of those fucks...or I could tarnish their acomplishments which is the only damn thing they give a fuck about! Neither of them want to see Trent Steel hold the world title because then they're plans for revenge have all been wasted. And the idea of that is enough for revenge for me. So folks. You heard it here. Trent Steel is the number one entrant in this years "X-Mas Tree Match" and at Clash...I'll see whomever holds the title in the main event! So Phantasm or Jesse...I'm coming for my fucking title! Get ready for a special preview of things to come tonight in the main event!

Bobby Shavonie - Trent Steel is fired up!

Nick Burst - It looks like that battle with Angel and Redemption has gotten Trent back to getting to the top of the card where he feels he belongs.

Trent holds up the Cruiserweight Title as he exits the ring and heads to the back. It's not long before we cut back to the time keepers table, having the commentators speak up to address what was just seen.

Bobby Shavonie - Very encouraging words from Trent Steel... leaving us no time to get into the card for the evening...

Nick Burst - That's very apparent.

Bobby Shavonie - Very good seeing that fire out of Trent Steel, though.

Nick Burst - Leaves me encouraged going forward for his future, including his match tonight.

Bobby Shavonie - I agree with you completely Nick.

Nick Burst - He's got a huge task ahead of him come Sunday, the 25th; but he can't let tonight pass him by just yet.

Bobby Shavonie - You got that right; and there's no more time to hold it off, as the show is primed and ready to begin.

Nick Burst - Good, I'm all set for it.

Bobby Shavonie - And the two Ring Announcers are too, which is the key we need to get to the opening introductions!

They've been given a good amount of attention by the live crowd which has given them a light applause for their upward arrival to their feet. Both females take a nice deep breath as they bring their microphones up in front of their faces, beginning their announcements for the first time tonight.

Missy Janson - Hello Kiev, Ukraine... AND WELCOME TO OWF FRIDAY ADDICTION!

The reception for the hometown cheap pop is very loud, with every member of the ten-thousand strong crowd up on their feet so their voices can he heard loud and clear throughout the Palace of Sports. They're able to quiet down soon enough, allowing both Ring Announcers to proceed.

Missy Janson - We are so thankful you all can join us here tonight... and without further ado, it's time for the first match of your evening!

There's a nice applause for this announcement, the fans keeping with it for the next few seconds before silencing themselves so that Missy and her counterpart can get on with their task.

Missy Janson - It's a normal match scheduled for a one-fall, with no time limit...

They both pause, quickly proceeding.

Missy Janson - Out now... from Bronx, New York... T-Money!

"Cinnamon" by Greg Jackson plays over the PA system, bringing both members of Coke Money, CokeKid and T-Money, come out to the top of the ramp. The crowd gives them a negative response, which is a step up from the indifference they usually receive from the fans; and then Michael Maddox comes out from behind them, welcomed as CK and T-Money split to have him stand between them. They begin walking down the ramp as T-Money shouts back at fans that are taunting him along the way. Meanwhile, CokeKid is attempting to high five fans on the way down, but none of them are reaching out to take him up on his offer. Maddox just looks out of it completely.

Nick Burst - Do I really even have to say anything here?

Bobby Shavonie - You know you do, Nick.

Nick Burst - Ugh, but it's T-Money... He's nothing special... He doesn't have a chance here...

Bobby Shavonie - Yes, we know this. We've seen this exact match take place weeks ago, and we will get the same result.

Nick Burst - I agree with you on that point. Best T-Money can do is just show up and try to defend himself, I guess.

Bobby Shavonie - That's all he can ever do, Nick.

Nick Burst - It's not going to work out for him. It never does, Bobby. CokeKid, Maddox; they squeaked wins out by luck, T-Money doesn't get lucky.

Bobby Shavonie - No he does not, Nick. And that won't change tonight.

Nick Burst - No it won't.

The three men walk down to the ring with T-Money heading up the steel ring steps, leaving CokeKid and Michael Maddox at ringside as he enters the ring. The music fades out as he heads off to his corner ready to get started.

The camera cuts to the outside of the ring, catching up with the Ring Announcers at the sides of the time keepers table to get on with the introductions.

Missy Janson - And his opponent... from Chicago, Illinois... Cassandra Carmichael!

The song "Wild Horses" comes across the speakers as a hush comes over the crowd -- admiring the dark blue fog that appears on the stage, as the house lights dim.

"You hold me down in the best way
No quarter from these chains that I've
Slept for my heart for a feeling
Why can't I leave my demons out?"

"Keep screaming into the pillow
'Cause it still gets me stupid
Oh glory, I'm a believer
Oh glory, I'm a troubler"

"Wild horses, wild horses
Wild horses run faster, run faster
Run faster!"

The beat drops and from the back emerges Cassandra Carmichael, illuminated by a single white spotlight as she stops at the top of the ramp. She reaches up and grabs the collar of her leather jacket to pop it up before strutting down to the ring. As she reaches ringside Cassandra walks herself up the steel steps positioned on the steel ring post outside of the ring, stepping to the apron.

Bobby Shavonie - Even though this should be cut and dry for Cassandra Carmichael, she needs the win no matter what.

Nick Burst - You've got that right Bobby. She has a long way to get back to the heights she believes she belongs at.

Bobby Shavonie - She had a bit of a disappointing appearance in the Brawltopia Match, but time to shake that off.

Nick Burst - If she can. Remember she was pretty well mangled by Redemption and Angel at our last show...

Bobby Shavonie - How could any of us forget that savage attack?

Nick Burst - I know Cassandra certainly hasn't. She is still showing signs of it.

Bobby Shavonie - Which is an absolute shame... but she will eventually get over it.

Nick Burst - At least she will physically. Who knows where her head is at mentally right now.

Bobby Shavonie - It's hard to blame her if Cassandra Carmichael is a bit scrambled tonight... but she will have to push through it to survive.

Cassandra stares out into the crowd who showers her with adoration and kicks her right leg over the top rope, bending herself completely over to get into the ring -- where she removes her leather jacket -- revealing her ring gear which consists of a leather halter top and leather boy shorts. Soon enough the music fades out and Cassandra finds herself in her corner, stretching herself out.

Now that both competitors are good and settled in, OWF Referee Calvin Mills makes his arrival out into the middle of the ring where he looks off to T-Money to see if he's ready for the match to begin. After confirming that fact he looks to Cassandra Carmichael, who is also ready, allowing Mills to call for the bell before getting out of the way.

(One-fall, no time limit. Win by pinfall or submission)

(Ding, Ding, Ding...)

The bell sounds and we watch as Cassandra Carmichael and T-Money eye one another up and slowly grow closer to each other, leaving their corners behind without any reservations. When they get near the middle of the ring we see Cassandra send her right leg up into the air, bringing the sole of her boot into the stomach of her opponent to back him off right away. T-Money holds his gut with both hands and slightly slouches forward in doing so, leaving him open to be met with a leaping dropkick to the face that rocks him on the heels of his boots and nearly brings him down to the mat. Somehow T-Money stays upright and doesn't need to collapse to regain his balance but Carmichael is very aware of this as she storms back up to her feet, closing in on T-Money so she can unleash a wicked combination of kicks to his chest and abdomen. CC is able to nail five in total before she stops her attack, popping straight into the air and twisting around a half-rotation to extend her right leg behind her so the sole of that boot comes right against the sternum of her opponent; bringing T-Money down to a knee in front of her after Cassandra spins herself around to be face up with him once again. The first order of business for Carmichael is to get stationed out in front of her kneeling opponent and set her feet firmly into the fabric of the canvas so she can attain a nice light stance on the balls of her two feet. A second later she unwinds a massive shin kick from her left leg that comes thundering against the upper chest of her opponent, nearly sending T-Money collapsing down onto his back in a hurry but once again he manages to stay away from an all-out collapse to the mat behind him. CC decides to unleash a second kick that is an exact replica of the first and it has the same impact as it's brought against his chest, but he doesn't fall backwards or waver in any fashion. The frustration is welling up within Carmichael and it's seen in her eyes as she goes for another left shin kick which T-Money easily catches with his right arm, pulling her foot into his body as he staggers up to his two feet. Cassandra is left standing on her right foot for balance alone, needing this time to adjust to the positioning of her opponent while T-Money stays dormant within the first few seconds of him returning upright. In a flash CC leaps from that right foot and swing her extended right leg up into the air, connecting with a massive enziguri that finally brings the big man down. The fans are loud in support of Cassandra Carmichael who shoots up to her feet as fast as she can, still showing signs of the damage she took at the last OWF show Brawltopia. Because of the way her body is reacting to it CC chooses to hang in the blind spot of her opponent and watch as T-Money maneuvers himself upwards onto his knees once again, using that as the solid base from which he can move himself upwards. As soon as he arrives there Cassandra comes in to connect with a front kick to his back that stops his upward progress, allowing her the chance to get herself together out in front of him so she can assault him once again. The kick she lands across his chest is hard enough to bring a loud sound as the contact is made, but T-Money remains with his body upright on his knees through it all. That changes when Carmichael immediately lays out to extend both of her legs out in front of her face, completing the picture perfect dropkick she was looking for and sending T-Money toppling down to the mat in a hurry; again pleasing the crowd.

Bobby Shavonie - Much as we expected, Cassandra Carmichael is coming out here on fire so far.

Nick Burst - Exactly as we knew this match would go, Bobby. To a tee, almost.

Bobby Shavonie - Now we just have to see how Cassandra can develop and grow from this here, and make the most of the opportunity.

She's very quick to pop back up to her feet, moving as fast as she can to get upright so that she can make something happen here from this match for herself. It doesn't take very long for her to get rounded onto the soles of her feet, taking the time necessary to balance herself before moving in to grab a hold of her opponent. Once she has done that it's easy as pie for Cassandra to maneuver T-Money upwards as fast as he can to continue her offensive, which is all she is focused on. She leaves T-Money to stand on his own two feet, allowing her to run off to the set of ring cables directly behind him so she can leap up to the middle rope and land there with both feet. She's quick to jump from there, leaping backwards and spinning around to connect with a huge springboard dropkick straight between T-Money's shoulder blades which shoot him straight down to the canvas in a hurry; left face down as he lands, with the fans cheering CC as she postures herself up on her feet. There's no give in her here as Carmichael instantly shoots herself back up to her feet, moving with quickness to scoot out in front of her opponent's upper body so she can reach down and grab T-Money under both of his arms with her two hands. It's not the easiest thing for Cassandra to do but she manages to power him up onto his own two feet and gives herself a chance to get balanced while eyeing him up and figuring out exactly what she should do next to get after him. Without missing a beat Cassandra Carmichael completes a standing roundhouse kick to the left side of her opponent's head from her right foot and stands her ground so she can batter away at the right side of T-Money's head with a standing back-fist to the face. The pain he is in leaves T-Money hunching forward at the waist, leaving Carmichael able to connect with the feint kick to the back of his skull that she was looking for which levels him face-down to the mat once again; having completed the combination of attacks she calls the RBF. The fans are on fire here, giving her every single thing she could ever want as far as a fan reaction goes and even more as she moves herself in to grab a hold of T-Money by the back of his head so he can once again be lured upright as fast as she physically can make it happen. She curls her hands around the back of his head and neck so she can help direct him off to his left side, managing to send him back-first against the ring ropes that are in that direction. As soon as he's pressed there T-Money is met with a huge knee strike to his sternum that catches him completely off guard, hunching him forward and allowing Cassandra to grab him in a standing dragon sleeper by his head. She pulls away from the ropes and leaps from her feet, completing a straight up front flip that sends her down onto her rear end; completing the standing diamond dust which she calls Diamonds Are Forever. The maneuver is sound and it leaves T-Money rocked as he collapses down to the mat, trying his best to flatten himself out while CC backs herself away from him as far as she can physically go. It takes a good deal of time for him to physically get stirring, but he's motivated to do it to try to keep his hopes alive. T-Money sits himself up and does so at the perfect angle for Cassandra Carmichael to come rushing in as hard as she can, unleashing a huge penalty kick across his face and flattening him down to his back in a hurry with the maneuver she calls the Glamour Shot. He flattens out immediately and Cassandra collapses down on top of her, going for the pinfall as soon as she can. 1... 2... 3!

Nick Burst - And that does it!

Missy Janson - The winner of this match... Cassandra Carmichael!

Immediately Cassandra rolls herself off of her opponent to get herself situated up on her two knees, rising up to her feet and doing so without breaking a sweat as she's met by the referee; who promptly holds her hand high above her head in victory.

Bobby Shavonie - A solid victory for Cassandra Carmichael in a match she absolutely had to have...

Nick Burst - Without a doubt, Bobby. There was no way she could lose this match.

Bobby Shavonie - Agreed; and a big part of being a great wrestler is winning the matches you're supposed to win, like this one.

Nick Burst - Exactly Bobby, and as Cassandra grows she will find herself in bigger spots feeling more comfortable after wins like this.

Bobby Shavonie - Indeed... and that's what she needs to do if she wants to compete with the best.

Nick Burst - And lord knows that she does, Bobby.

Bobby Shavonie - Without question... at the same time, she needs to get a bit more seasoning out of matches of a higher talent level from here on out.

Nick Burst - I'll agree with that, Bobby.

T-Money slinks out of the ring to leave with his partners, allowing the cameras to focus in on Cassandra Carmichael as she departs from the ring so she can also make her exit.

We cut to the commentators here, getting back up with Bobby and Nick as they continue.

Bobby Shavonie - And just like that, from the first match of the evening we're about due to head to the backstage area!

Nick Burst - Well that sure didn't take long!

Bobby Shavonie - No it didn't; as we just got word the OWF Champion is in the building, and we're heading to him now.

Nick Burst - Huh, that's very interesting...

Bobby Shavonie - We'll be back in a second, folks!

The producers cut the shot. The cameras open up backstage, following the OWF Champion Jesse Williams who is still showing some signs of damage as a result of the match he participated in at OWF Brawltopia. The OWF Title is nowhere to be seen, probably tucked away inside of his duffle bag that he holds in his right hand. He walks the halls, brushing past the few people who get in his way as his determination is set on the walls that surround him on either side. His eyes come upon his destination as he reaches out to place his hand on the wall next to a door, reading the name plate off of it which has the name 'Will Prydor' engraved upon it. There's a pause as Jesse leans his forehead against the door, taking a moment before balling up his left hand and knocking upon the surface of the wood. He pulls his head back, standing as straight as he can in time for the door to be opened up- revealing Will Prydor, in much worse shape than Jesse looks, as he limps off to the side to balance on his good leg as he stands hunched over a bit due to the pain. As soon as Will realizes who it is he stands himself up straight to keep up appearances.

Will Prydor - Jesse.

Jesse nods.

Will Prydor - Cassandra isn't here, she's still on her way back from the match.

Williams again nods his head, aware of that.

Jesse Williams - That's good, but I'm not here for her. For once.

Will looks interested in what Jesse has to say.

Will Prydor - You want to come in, then?

Jesse Williams - No, this shouldn't take too long. I just wanted to get something off my chest that's been bothering me.

He pauses.

Jesse Williams - I was watching Brawltopia back and I saw something I didn't feel good about. Something I didn't realize I did and for it I wanted to make sure our wires weren't crossed. I'm always going to be straight up with you, so I don't want you thinking the wrong things about me.

Will Prydor - Like...?

Jesse Williams - When I got out of the cell my first priority was to check on Cassandra. It was my only priority, actually. I didn't see anything except her out there and after all was said and done I thanked JC and I thanked CJ Wylde. But, I didn't do the right thing by not checking on you- and I also didn't thank you for all you did for Cassandra, even if it didn't work out exactly as we had planned. You stuck by your word. I'm eternally grateful for the actions you took that night, and I know that you didn't come out of Brawltopia without your issues from it. I'm sorry for that.

Prydor stands up even straighter than he was, leaning back in a bit of surprise from those words of Jesse's. Processing them allows Will to respond accordingly.

Will Prydor - You made it clear what your priority was. I didn't expect anything different from you. That night is still a little fuzzy thanks to the mild concussion, but I won't hold grudges as long as this doesn't become a permanent fixture of whatever dynamic we have going on here.

Jesse Williams - It won't be. Got caught up in the moment and I feared for Cassandra in ways that I didn't even consider until I saw her stumble out onto the stage. I don't even remember you coming out to help, honestly. Tunnel vision and all that. But watching it over, I owed you more than that. Won't happen again.

Jesse reaches out, keeping his right hand open and welcoming towards Will.

Will Prydor - For both our sakes, let's hope not.

He reaches out to shake Jesse's hand, bringing an end to their discussion with Jesse slowly walking away from the door to head along the hallway. He only gets a few steps forward before he hears Will Prydor speak out again.

Will Prydor - Jesse...

Jesse stops, turning to set his eyes back on Prydor.

Will Prydor - She's not going to stop until we go for the Tag Titles against those two.

Will pauses.

Will Prydor - You know this, right? No matter what I say, I can't protect her from herself. And I can't say "no" forever, even with the plan I have in mind right now.

A sigh comes from Jesse's lips.

Jesse Williams - I know. You've done your part Will, there's not much I can ask from you here. It's your call now.

Williams turns, walking away slowly so that if Will wants to bring up anything else while he's still in earshot he absolutely can. He doesn't as the camera fades away, ending the moment between the two.

Nick Burst - Very weird to see Will Prydor accept an apology from Jesse Williams like that...

Bobby Shavonie - There always has been respect between the two ever since they got over their past issues, and that's why it worked out tonight.

Nick Burst - I'm not shocked, it was obvious a bit of miscalculation but it didn't really harm anyone.

Bobby Shavonie - Well, Will Prydor got beaten up worse than he was after the Brawltopia Match because he tried to help Cassandra Carmichael like he pledged he would.

Nick Burst - And even though he didn't come through on that promise he did his damnedest to try and make sure she didn't suffer.

Bobby Shavonie - And Jesse Williams realizes that, which is why I assume he went out of his way to deal with this stuff as soon as he could.

Nick Burst - It's a good thing, don't get me wrong; but Williams has been rubbing a lot of people wrong lately. I wonder if it's more than just a trend.

Bobby Shavonie - It's hard to say how many people are looking at him and waiting for him to slip up compared to the ones who want to see success emerge from this reign.

Nick Burst - This is the first time that Jesse Williams has had a reign that has had more than one single defense; aside from the one record breaking one we all remember.

Bobby Shavonie - Hard to believe that six of those seven reigns ended in his first or second defense. But we're getting off subject... and we're about due to head to a break here.

Nick Burst - Works for me Bobby.

Bobby Shavonie - So fans, we'll be right back! Hang on tight!

With those words, it's not long before we're cut out from inside of the arena to head to the first commercial break of the night.


December 15th, 2016
Friday Addiction
Arena Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia

December 16th, 2016
Friday Addiction
Bucharest, Romania

December 25th, 2016


December 12th, 2016
CW Presents: Monday Night Chaos - 29

Carnage Arena
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

January 8th, 2016
CW Presents: Monday Night Chaos - 30
Carnage Arena
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

January 22nd, 2017
CW Presents: Act of Defiance


December 12th, 2016
UGWC Horizons
United Center
Chicago, Illinois, USA

The commercial ends, fading us down to a close up shot of the two commentators behind their desk at ringside looking straight ahead into the camera as they make the last preparations to get back in control of the telecast; speaking up as they get their cue.

Nick Burst - My fucking hell, Bobby. What a future we've got coming up.

Bobby Shavonie - Not just here, but in CW and UGWC as well.

Nick Burst - It's a great time to be a wrestling fan, I can tell you that.

Bobby Shavonie - It's a pleasure to be a part of this huge circle where everything is picking up as we near 2017.

Nick Burst - And we're going to get stronger and stronger from the hard workers we have on the roster who are still fighting their hardest to make an impact.

Bobby Shavonie - That's what keeps us afloat and keeps us so strong no matter what.

Ncik Burst - You got that right, Bobby.

All of a sudden the opening lines of Evanescence's "Lies (Requiem Mix)" hit, and it takes a moment for it to register with the crowd before a rousing cheer erupts in the arena. Limping out from the back is Will Prydor, his face masking the amount of pain he's surely in as he hobbles his way to the ring.

Bobby Shavonie - And here's Will Prydor again...

Nick Burst - We didn't get a good look at him in the locker room earlier, but now we see the extent of the damage.

Bobby Shavonie - Yes we do...

Nick Burst - I mean, I'm pretty amazed he's even here. I don't know HOW is he still walking... but he is...

Bobby Shavonie - No matter the name he brings to the ring, Nick, Will Prydor has always been one tough man. But my questions are, why is he here and why he asking for a microphone?

Nick Burst - Yeah, this is a bit unusual for him. We know he can work the stick even though he prefers to work in the ring. But given what he went through a week ago, can you blame the guy for wanting to heal up a little?

Bobby Shavonie - Not in the slightest.

In the ring, Prydor glances down to the timekeeper's table, where tonight's translator is already standing with microphone in hand, ready to do the job. Nodding once, Will raises his microphone as the song fades to silence.

Will Prydor - I'm sure you all think I'm out here for one reason alone. Given what happened at Brawltopia, you wouldn't be faulted at all for thinking I'm going to come out here and do something that people would say is incredibly stupid. But those two asshats whom I refuse to name are not the reason I'm here tonight…at least, not directly.

Bobby Shavonie - Wait, he's not going to cash in points to finally go after Angel and Redemption?

Nick Burst - He doesn't have four. And he won't use Cass to make up the balance if he can possibly help it.

Bobby Shavonie - How are you so sure?

Nick Burst - That's the kind of guy he is, Bobby. It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows his career.

Will Prydor - You see, there's two people I need to thank, and while I could do it in private, well…their actions were public and it's only fitting they be thanked in public. It's also fitting that their names be the ones I say out loud, instead of those who would try to gain notoriety by their actions. With that said…first off, I want to thank CJ Wylde for his actions at Brawltopia.

At Will's mention of Wylde's name, the crown erupts in a small bout of cheering, which gets amplified as the translation reaches their ears.

Will Prydor - Here's a guy in the midst of a world championship match, and when things started to go to hell outside the cell, he didn't press the obvious advantage he had. No, instead he had the foresight to grab something to prop the side of the cell up onto to allow him, his opponent, and the referee to escape the cell and come to the aid of Cass Carmichael, someone he had no reason to help at the time except for doing the right thing. I can assure you, he's one of maybe two or three people in this business who would do what he did, and for that, CJ, coming from a fellow professional and a fellow Marylander… thank you.

There's a big applause from the fans, awarding Prydor with the ovation while also meaning for it to be sent backstage for CJ Wylde to hear as well.

Bobby Shavonie - It took a lot for CJ Wylde to help out.

Nick Burst - There was a chance he could have put Jesse away with the steel steps he actually used to prop up the cell.

Bobby Shavonie - And he didn't take it, in order to do the right thing.

Nick Burst - Which we knew would happen when it came down to it.

Will continues.

Will Prydor - The other man I'd like to publicly thank for his actions at Brawltopia is none other than JC.

This elicits another positive reaction from the crowd, though this one a bit smaller as there are still some fans who haven't come to grips with JC's actions and attitude of late.

Will Prydor - Much like CJ Wylde, JC had no reason to step outside the cell. In fact, it could be argued that he had even less reason as he was the referee for the contest. Yet in the heat of the moment, he, CJ, and Jesse worked together to lift the cell and run off the two people who shall not be named. But allow me to fill you all in on a little extra something, as well. When they were loading me up on the gurney…for the second time…I told him then that he earned some respect from me for doing the right thing, though hell barred the way, and that I owed him one.

Nick Burst - It worked out that way because of the efforts of the three men inside the cell.

Bobby Shavonie - All of which had huge concern for the actions going on.

Will Prydor - Here's the thing, though. JC, though I admire and respect your actions at Brawltopia…you and I still have some unfinished business between us. The two of us have not had a one-on-one match with both of us at full strength. When we faced off in 2008, I still had the broken neck. In 2009, you kicked my head off after I had faced Jesse Williams to win the NLW Championship, only for you to steal it from me in such an underhanded manner. The only other time we faced off was in a tag match a few months later. So the way I see it…we need a tie-breaker. We need a one-on-one bout when both of us are at full capacity, to finally put this matter to rest between us. So JC, consider this a challenge for Holiday Bash. You and me, one more time, to settle up between us.

The fans inside the Palace of Sports explode at the notion of this idea, standing to their feet in applause over it.

Bobby Shavonie - Oh my goodness!

Nick Burst - That's a HUGE challenge right there...

Bobby Shavonie - I never expected to see this come out of Holiday Bash; but I won't complain.

Nick Burst - And neither will the fans.

After several moments of nothing besides the cheers of the fans, suddenly the opening words to JC's theme are heard over the speakers, drawing another pop.

"I defy your defiance
It's all lies in alliance
I've been damaged, left in ruin
Because I'm broken, flawed and human..."

Hellyeah's "Human" kicks in on the speakers and JC walks out, with a confused look on his face.

Nick Burst - Ask, and you shall receive... I suppose!

Bobby Shavonie - Prydor didn't want this tonight!

Nick Burst - Well here comes JC regardless... Can't just throw down a challenge and not expect a response.

He wastes no time in getting to the ring, barely acknowledging the crowd that is giving him a more favorable reaction than he's used to. He steps inside and acquires another microphone before speaking.

JC - You know, seeing as how I wasn't booked tonight, I considered not even showing up this week. But this...

JC makes sure to point in Will's general direction as his speaks to indicate what he means.

JC - This is interesting. I gotta admit, I like where your head's at. Because let's face it WIll, you're one of the many people I've wronged over the years. While I'm still very proud of my NLW title reign, I'm not particularly happy with how it started. The opportunity to settle that debt, to cleanse another stain on my career, it's an offer that I would be stupid to pass up.

He hears the cheers from the crowd once his words are translated and smirks. JC then brings the microphone back up and continues.

JC - I think I've made it clear, regardless of who I was or what I did, that I've always respected you. You're one of the few in this business that really understand what makes it tick. So if you want to do this one more time, give these people a technical wrestling exhibition they'll never forget, then you're on.

He extends a hand, which draws a pop just for the visual. Will looks hesitant at first, perhaps still unsure of JC like everyone else, but he accepts it all the same.

JC - I hope you bring your best Will, because I intend to do the same. I don't want to beat a down-on-his-luck Will Prydor. I know you're not the Phoenix anymore, but if we're going to do this, I want you to capture that spirit again. Rise from the ashes and bring it at Holiday Bash. I want a match that I'm going to look back on with pride, win or lose. Hopefully you can too, because I definitely don't intend on losing.

Will smirks a bit at JC's words, and waits for the translator to finish before replying in kind.

Will Prydor - That makes two of us. Because you're going to have to earn your victory just the same way I'm gonna have to. I wouldn't have it any other way. See you at Holiday Bash, JC.

With that, Will leans over to place his microphone on the mat before dropping to a prone position and rolling out of the ring, leaving JC to soak in the reaction as the fans show their approval for this turn of events.

Bobby Shavonie - Oh my goodness! What a huge announcement there!

Nick Burst - Not as much of an announcement as it was a revelation, one thing after the other for Will Prydor and then JC.

Bobby Shavonie - It's going to be a heck of a battle when those two get into the ring.

Nick Burst - No doubt about it, Bobby. And this time around it's going to be a fair fight, with both men being fan favorites.

Bobby Shavonie - That's the way it seems, Nick. I can only imagine how good that match will be when JC keeps it clean and Prydor wrestles without inhibitions.

Nick Burst - That is, as long as Will Prydor is healthy enough to even make it to Holiday Bash considering the beating he took.

Bobby Shavonie - He's well aware of the physical damage he has suffered. Heck, he won't even say Angel and Redemption's names.

Nick Burst - I noticed that too, Bobby. You know that he has his eyes on them, at all times now.

Bobby Shavonie - As he should.

JC retreats to the backstage area, leaving Prydor the entire way up the aisle to himself so he can exit as he pleases; heading up the ramp and allowing us to cut back down to ringside once again.

Nick Burst - Can't say I blame him about that... but now he has to stay focused on JC.

Bobby Shavonie - That he does... Otherwise, he could be in for a rude awakening.

Nick Burst - Even when JC isn't looking to maim and kill, he's still a very powerful and strong wrestler.

Bobby Shavonie - That's for sure. We've seen that displayed clearly in front of our eyes.

Nick Burst - Yes we have...

The camera man shuffles himself off to his left to get situated in front of the time keepers table, balancing the camera over his right shoulder so his shot is nice and still to encapulate Missy Janson and her Ukrainian partner.

Bobby Shavonie - Alas, we'll have plenty of time to discuss that match and everything else as Holiday Bash comes up on the horizon; but for now..

Nick Burst - Main Event time!

Bobby Shavonie - You got that right, Nick... and it's a big championship bout for both competitors.

Nick Burst - Ever since the cruisweight division came back, it has been a hot topic of discussion... as it became the fourth singles belt we have.

Bobby Shavonie - Which is the most the OWF has had since 2013, before the Cruiserweight Title was unfied with the Network Title.

Nick Burst - Our roster is a bit smaller but the talent has gotten even hotter, which makes every title hotly contested for.

Bobby Shavonie - Indeed... but we'll have to see what La Cucaracha brings to the table...

Nick Burst - Yes we will... we know Trent Steel is going to be full of piss and vinegar, so there's no doubts he will be bringing it.

Bobby Shavonie - Plus he wants to keep that Crusierweight Championship of his...

Nick Burst - He sure does. Only one way to do that.

Bobby Shavonie - Yes sir... and before it can happen, we have to get the match started; which means it's time for the opening announcements for our Main Event! Take it away Missy!

The two women have the attention of the crowd, giving them the chance to raise their microphones up in front of their faces so they can begin to speak into their microphones.

Missy Janson - Fans, it is time for the second match of the evening...

Missy and her Ukrainian counterpart pause for a few moments, allowing the fans to cheer out in response to this announcement before they both continue; Missy speaking to those watching at home on the OWF Network and her partner speaking to the sold-out crowd inside the arena.

Missy Janson - It is a normal match, scheduled for a one-fall with no time limit...

They both pause for effect, holding their breath and continuing a second after.

Missy Janson - Coming out first... from Parts Unknown... Paradox!

"So here I am
Doing everything I can
Holding on to what I am
Pretending I'm a superman"

"Superman" by Goldfinger begins to play and as it does Paradox runs out of the curtain to a surprising ovation from the crowd. He struts down to the ring, highfiving fans on his way.

Nick Burst - I heard word this guy put in his release papers already...

Bobby Shavonie - What a waste of time.

Nick Burst - It happens Bobby. The OWF goes out there, signs a bunch of talent and it doesn't always work out.

Bobby Shavonie - Some of them never even make it to television.

Nick Burst - It's true... Paradox is lucky, but he'll be off the shows and soon forgotten about.

Bobby Shavonie - Sadly yes, that is the case for men like him.

Nick Burst - Oh well, better to not waste time on men like him then...

Once he makes it to the steps he turns from them and yells "I'm here to stay!" He runs into the ring before spinning in a little circle and throwing one arm up as a few streamers are thrown into the ring by the fans; his music soon fading out as the ring is cleared of the few bits of garbage.

We cut back outside to the two female Ring Announcers in a hurry, catching up with them as they speak up again.

Missy Janson - And his opponent... from Sarasota, Florida... Steve Parker!

The crowd doesn't know how to react as Steve Parker enters through the curtain awkwardly. Steve walks down the ramp quickly, sliding himself underneath the bottom rope just to hustle over to his corner.

Bobby Shavonie - As for Steve Parker, he's been left on a limb to fend for himself now that Lorenzo Demarco is gone.

Nick Burst - What a shame that is. We have no idea if he's even been training with him still, or if not.

Bobby Shavonie - Parker was just getting established as well.

Nick Burst - Well now he has a chance to really stand out and make something out of this run.

Bobby Shavonie - You have that right.

Nick Burst - It may be for the best that he's stuck it out and standing on his own.

Bobby Shavonie - Hopefully. We'll find out soon enough, right?

Nick Burst - For Steve Parker it's sink or swim... and he's still got a lot left to give to the OWF and those who support him.

Bobby Shavonie - Oh that's for sure. He has improved greatly in his time here and people have invested in his plight.

Nick Burst - Now it's up to him to make something out of it.

He appears very nervous, especially as he gets set up in his corner and prepares for the match ahead of him.

With both men in the ring OWF Official Kenneth Banks arrives to the middle of the squared circle, looking off to Paradox and asking him if he's ready for the match to start which he is. The same goes for Steve Parker, who gives a nod to the referee to let him know he's all set to go as well.

(One-fall, no time limit. Win by pinfall or submission.)

(Ding, Ding, Ding...)

The match begins with the bell sounding and both men walking out of their corners, ready to head at each other at near full-speed. It's not long before they arrive out in the middle of the ring where Paradox lunges forward in the hopes of getting at his opponent, only to have Parker jump out of the way to avoid his attack and pull himself up to the side. Steve decides against acting right now, hanging back to see how his opponent is going to handle this situation as Paradox gets his feet settled to the mat and gets ready to get back at it a second later. When he does he's met with a huge dropkick to the chest that shoots him backwards from where he stands, keeping Paradox on his feet as he tries to maintain his balance; unaware of Parker's progression back towards him. Paradox only becomes aware of it as he's met with a combination of forearm strikes to the sides of the head that damages him greatly, allowing Steve Parker the chance to come up on him and hit a tight hiptoss that flips his opponent straight down to his back. These are all moves that Steve has managed to master for himself without any difficulty, standing back and watching his opponent get up to a seated position facing away from him before Paradox makes the move to rotate over onto his hands and knees. As soon as he accomplishes that Paradox is grabbed up in a front face lock that allows him to be pulled all the way up to his feet, stuck in the possession of his opponent as Parker flattens his feet down to the mat. A second later he brings Paradox up and over for a technically perfect vertical suplex that brings both men down to their backs in a hurry. The fans cheer out a bit watching as Steve uses the momentum his body has from being thrust backwards to swing right up to his feet in a hurry, leaving his opponent behind so he can force Paradox to expend the energy he so desperately needs to conserve to get motivated to stand up on his own two feet. It takes him a few seconds but eventually Paradox is able to get up and fixated in front of Parker, who meets him with a swift toe kick to the abdomen that stops all of his momentum dead. Instead of going for a power move now Parker goes against the grain, using his left hand to peel his opponent upright in front of him. A second later he lays into the left side of Paradox's face with a set of two straight forearm strikes to the face that rock him backwards on the heels of his boots, causing a good amount of damage to him; enough to get Paradox sent up against the ring ropes behind him, springing him forward just slightly. As they do Parker is right on top of this, leaving his feet and connecting with a beautiful leaping leg lariat to the face that wipes his opponent out to the mat in a hurry. There's a lot of commotion in the crowd as they watch Parker continue on the offensive like this, going through the motions to get Paradox up and standing on his two feet. Within seconds Steve has his opponent set up into a side headlock that he uses to hunch his opponent over, putting Paradox's face in perfect line to be met with a rising knee strike up into his forehead. Paradox is further weakened by a second knee strike to the forehead that leaves him unable to stop Steve Parker from charging forward, shooting both of his legs out in front of him to bring his opponent's face straight down into the canvas to complete the running bulldog he was looking for. The assault is relentless and as Parker moves himself up from his rear end to get to his feet we see him starting to grow a little tired, needing to take a second to compose himself the best way he can before approaching Paradox from his right side. It's more than easy for Steve to reach down with both of his arms, having his hands wrap up behind the head of his opponent and the back of Paradox's waistline, making it really easy to posture him upright on the soles of his two feet while stepping to a confident stance behind him. Steve gets there so he can use both of his hands to push his opponent from behind, getting Paradox stumbling forward on the toes of his boots in the direction of the ring ropes directly in front of him. It takes everything Paradox has to be able to swing his body around so the back side of his body comes against the ring ropes he was just facing, springing off of them and being sent sprinting back in that direction. On the way back in Paradox is tripped up off his feet as Steve hits the mat, tangling his two legs up around the ankles of his opponent to complete a perfect drop toe hold to bring him collapsing down face-first into the mat. Paradox is quick to scramble up to his hands and knees as an attempt to get up off the canvas as fast as possible but that plays right into Parker's hand as he executes a short soccer kick against the left side of his opponent's rib cage to freeze Paradox right where he's stuck at. This provides Steve the ability to round out in front of his opponent's body, reaching down to assemble his arms into a suplex hold upon Paradox so he can use that grasp to stand his opponent upwards towards his two feet. As soon as that's accomplished we watch Steve Parker begin working backwards by untucking his head from the armpit of his opponent so he can stand upright while holding Paradox bent over at the waist in the front face lock. Right away Parker swings out to his right and flips his opponent around so as the two men fall down to their back Paradox has the back of his skull driven flush to the mat with a falling swinging neckbreaker that Steve immediately looks to capitalize on; pushing himself over the body of his prone opponent, reaching down to grab Paradox's outside leg for the pinfall. The referee for this match, Kenneth Banks, is quick to get into position so he can make the count while laying flat on his stomach on the canvas. 1... 2... Paradox kicks out, dangerously close to a three-count which motivates Parker to immediately get up to his knees here so he can attain a hold of his opponent by the sides of his head so he can begin the task of getting himself and Paradox back standing as quickly as possible. This side of Parker is one the fans are really encouraged to see as he keeps control of the match by interlocking both of his hands behind the back of his opponent's head so he can lure him upwards, battering him with a rising knee strike to the stomach just a moment after that. It keeps Paradox on the defensive as he's released to stumble off to the side, allowing Steve the chance to think about what he wants to do next as his opponent fully exposes the backside of his body to him while trying to get himself recovered as soon as possible. Knowing that he doesn't want to give Paradox even the slightest chance to get some time to himself Parker blitzes off towards his back so he can leap into the air and extend his legs forward away from his body, sitting out while his left hand comes around the back of his opponent's head; allowing him to crash down to the mat on his rear, slamming Paradox face-first into the fabric of the canvas with the running facebuster he just performed upon him. After this is completed we watch as Steve Parker takes his time to get standing on his feet, soaking up the reaction of the crowd while his eyes remain fixated on his downed opponent.

Nick Burst - Again we see Steve Parker come out of the gates on fire, which we saw in his last matchup as well.

Bobby Shavonie - He's currently running through talent that stands in front of him at this point.

Nick Burst - Talent that is underneathe him, but talent all the same.

Bobby Shavonie - We have yet to see him be able to manhandle one of the veterans of the OWF roster like this, though.

Nick Burst - All he can do is win the matches he's booked in, right Bobby? And that's what he's doing.

Bobby Shavonie - That's right, Nick. Parker doesn't get to pick and choose who he faces, or when.

Nick Burst - If he did, I guarantee you he'd be aiming his sights a lot higher. But for the time being, this is some confidence boosting on his behalf.

Bobby Shavonie - That much is clear, as Paradox did not come to fight tonight.

Nick Burst - I don't know what Paradox came here to do, but he's definitely not holding his own against Steve Parker. He hasn't even gotten one offensive move in.

Bobby Shavonie - Give Parker the credit for that.

As Steve waits where he is at he motions for his opponent to start coming up to meet him, flailing his arms and taunting Paradox so that every step of the way he's aware that Parker is in full control of this contest. All Paradox can do is fire upwards with every drop of strength and energy he has so he can get standing, finally attaining a standing position and putting himself at a disadvantage as he wanders up towards his opponent. There's no hesitation for Steve Parker as he unleashes three straight forearm strikes to the side of the head, bashing away on the left side of his opponents skull with his curled up right arm; eventually forcing his opponent to collapse down to a single knee. As he arrives there Paradox shakes his head from side to side as he tries to get the cobwebs loose but it's no use as he's met with a front kick to the brow of his forehead for good measure by his opponent, having Parker refuse to let up as he stays in close to bend his knees into a squat that allows Steve to put both of his hands on the sides of his opponent's head. Cautiously Parker leads Paradox upwards and keeps him bent over at the waist to keep his utter dominance going with a downward elbow shot to the back of his skull, with Paradox needing to be grabbed up by his opponent to prevent his collapse straight down to the mat. Parker does this in order to level him off to be met with a rising knee strike to the chest, shooting Paradox upright as straight as a board while staggering on the back of his heels. Without any warning Steve lunges forward to leave his feet, taking his opponent off his feet with a perfectly timed diving clothesline that comes against the upper chest of his opponent. It takes Paradox down to his back and gives Parker the ability to work away from his downed opponent, rolling off to his left side to get back standing without any difficulty in doing so. The flow of the match is in complete control of him here, having no issue in getting himself standing and at the ready to do whatever is necessary from here to keep himself successful. He shows this by immediately laying out to deliver a falling elbow drop across the chest of Paradox, hitting him with so much force that he sits right up to try to cope with the pain he's dealt with feeling. As quickly as he can Parker works his way up to a standing position behind his opponent so he can unleash a devastating shin kick flush across the length of his opponent's spine that causes Paradox to freeze where he's sat. Instantly Parker reaches out to have his two hands come around the sides of his opponent's head, using all of the might he can muster up to stand Paradox upon his feet right out in front of him. When he's done with that he rounds up behind him to take a hold of the back of his head and the back of his waistline so Parker can run off to the nearest neutral corner of the ring, releasing his hold on his opponent to throw Paradox chest-first into the padded turnbuckles which cause him a lot of pain as his two arms get hung up over the top ring cable; leaving him leaning up against the corner. Steve Parker changes that for him as he leaps into the air to connect with a perfectly spotted dropkick to the back of the head which hits hard enough to force Paradox to stagger backwards from the corner, trying to get his senses about him while Parker shoots right up to his feet. As soon as Paradox stops his backpedal we see Steve blitz on past him to run to the ring ropes, leaping up to land upon the middle one so he can launch himself around; landing over his opponent's right shoulder. This allows Parker to wrap his right arm around his opponent's head, falling backwards to complete the spike DDT he was looking for which has major contact when it's landed.

Bobby Shavonie - Oh boy! Steve Parker just hit the move he calls Picture Perfect on Paradox!

Nick Burst - He sure did, and it caps off a successful offensive campaign for him throughout this match!

Bobby Shavonie - Well he's certainly trying to end this one on a high note; by doing it right now.

As quickly as he can Parker rolls his opponent over onto his back so he can attain a lateral press over Paradox's stomach, reaching down to grab his two legs by the time OWF Official Kenneth Banks gets in close enough to make the count. 1... 2... 3!

Nick Burst - And that's it!

Missy Janson - The winner of this match... Steve Parker!

Steve Parker immediately rolls himself off of his opponent, laying on his side and immediately moving himself upwards as fast as he can to get to a standing position pronto. He's immediately met by the referee who comes in to raise his hand in victory.

Bobby Shavonie - Another solid victory there for Steve Parker as he continues to climb up the ranks here.

Nick Burst - You've got that right, Bobby.

Bobby Shavonie - And as you said, all he can do is beat the people that are put in front of him and that's exactly what he's doing.

Nick Burst - It took him a while to get grounded and to figure out exactly what would work for him, but I believe Parker finally has some idea of where to go from here.

Bobby Shavonie - Which he has been lacking for a long time.

Nick Burst - That's for sure. Now he has himself moving forward and doing so in a good manner is key.

Bobby Shavonie - Where do you think he should go from here?

Nick Burst - He now has three OWF Contendership Points, meaning he could challenge for the PDA Championship if he wanted to.

Bobby Shavonie - You think he's ready for all that a match like that brings?

Nick Burst - I don't know for sure, but there's only one way to find out if he really wants to be successful here.

Paradox rolls himself from the ring, disappearing from sight rather quickly while Steve takes his time in exiting from the squared circle so he can make his departure as well.

Bobby Shavonie - We'll keep a close eye on that as he goes...

Nick Burst - No worries about Paradox now. Proven to be of little value to the OWF. Probably won't see him back.

Bobby Shavonie - He had two opportunities to make an impact and on both occassions he flopped.

Nick Burst - Which is a shame. The OWF really could have used some more bodies. But it's not worth it if they are like him.

Bobby Shavonie - Indeed...

We cut down to the commentary team, keeping up with them as they keep on speaking.

Bobby Shavonie - Well now our show keeps on, keeping on... as we're due to head to the backstage area!

Nick Burst - That's very profound, Bobby.

Bobby Shavonie - I mean, I don't know what else there is to say... I don't know who we are catching up with...

Nick Burst - Then what good are you!? Geez!

Bobby Shavonie - Don't be so harsh Nick, I'm doing my best.

Nick Burst - Do your best to send it to the back, and I'll lay off. How about that?

Bobby Shavonie - Fine... Fans, we'll be right back...

Right away the producers in the back make the abrupt cut to bring us from inside of the arena to the backstage area right away. The camera bobs as it follows President Chase Johnson down the hallway of the Palace of Sports here tonight. The man looks rather flustered as he approaches his office, quickly realizing that the door is ajar and the lights are on.

Prez CJ - Oh Jesus.. What now?

He cautiously moves into the doorway; sighing and shaking his head as the camera moves in behind him to see Lucy Wylde sitting on his desk absent mindedly looking through some strewn about papers on his desk.

Prez CJ - HEY! Those are confidential!

Lucy glances up, unfazed by Johnson's presence; and shakes her head.

Lucy Wylde - Oh, there you are.

Her eyes move downward, scanning over the documents before President Johnson stomps into the room and rips them from her hand.

Prez CJ - Is there something you wanted? Or was there an opening in the 'Piss off Chase Johnson' club?

Lucy Wylde - No, no openings yet...

Johnson sighs and shakes his head.

Prez CJ - Then what do you want? Don't you see I'm busy?

He gives the Network Champion a disgusted look as he motions to her to get off of his desk.

Prez CJ - And get off my desk!

Lucy Wylde - Oh Shit; Sorry.

She hops down and pulls the Network title belt from the chair in front of the desk; placing it on her lap as she sits down across from the now seated Chase Johnson. He still looks aggravated as he begins reorganizing the unorganizable mess atop his desk.

Prez CJ - What do you want?

She doesn't say anything for a few moments while she traces the lines of the belt on her lap, her face showing deep thought as Chase awaits a response. Finally he clears his throat, jolting Lucy back to 'reality'.

Lucy Wylde - You know, I don't know. I've been wandering around the building all evening, trying to figure out something, anything to do.

Prez CJ - And you ended up here?

Wylde rolls her eyes.

Lucy Wylde - I've had a lot of time to think.

Prez CJ - Listen, I'm not your therapist so I'm not exactly sure what you want me to--

Lucy Wylde - I want Angel and Redemption.

Johnson's jaw drops.

Prez CJ - Excuse me?

Lucy rises from the chair and leans over the desk, her long blonde hair grazing over the surface as her eyes meet his, an uneasiness settling over the office.

Lucy Wylde - I'm certain you heard me, Mr. Johnson. I've been here for too long, lurking around in the shadows, winning match after match... watching people like Angel and Redemption run things around here... acting like they can do any God Damned thing they want, and I'm tired of it.

Prez CJ - But you're the Network Champion, y--

Lucy Wylde - This has nothing to do with title belts.

President Johnson looks confused.

Prez CJ - Please, enlighten me... what does this have to do with then?

Lucy snarls.

Lucy Wylde - It's time that those two feel the consequences of their actions. It's time that they feel the pain that they've inflicted on others... and if they happen to get killed in the process....

Chase tilts his head, his eyes widening.

Lucy Wylde - Then so be it.

Prez CJ - What in the hell is going on?

Lucy looks towards the camera and points towards the door.

Lucy Wylde - Get out.

The camera remains still, but not for long as Lucy moves towards it in one swift motion and practically throws it and the man attached to it out the door to the office. The camera turns back towards the office just in time to catch it slamming behind it.

Bobby Shavonie - What in the world?

Nick Burst - I mean we know Lucy Wylde to be as intense as they come, especially when she's inside the ring.. but wow. I don't think we've ever seen her like this.

Bobby Shavonie - You're right about that Nick. But it makes me wonder...

Nick Burst - Why she threw the cameraman out of the room? Why she's here by herself? Why she's suddenly going after Angel and Redemption?

Bobby Shavonie - All of the above. I would ask if she knows the risks involved in engaging those two, but I think we all know that Lucy Wylde doesn't jump into something without knowing what she's doing first.

Nick Burst - But Why... And where is CJ Wylde? Nobody has heard from him since he walked backstage at OWF Brawltopia after his match.

Bobby Shavonie - That's a good question... Not one that we're going to know the answer to right now; not with the circumstances we are at, and considering we have a break coming up.

Nick Burst - Hopefully we find out soon enough.

Bobby Shavonie - I agree with you there... For now, lets get a look at the first of the two cards we have set up for our doubleheader in two weeks! We'll be back in a flash, fans!

Off Bobby's words the telecast slowly fades away into darkness to bring us to the break.


Thursday, December 15th 2016
Arena Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia










We cut back to ringside, where the entire arena is dark except for a single spotlight on a very well-dressed man in the ring. When he begins to speak, it's clear he has a British accent.

Well-Dressed Man - Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? It is my utmost honor to announce the most dashing, fearsome, jolly good champion this business has ever seen...your new PDA champion, GI!

The spotlight opens up, revealing a fully lit ringside area. It has been dressed up to look like a party. "Invade, Destroy, Repeat" by Powerman 5000 plays over the speakers and the crowd roars to life to welcome the new champion. GI comes out dressed in a tuxedo, holding the PDA title over his shoulder.

The scene at ringside is a lavish affair. There are three cakes outside the ring, one on each side. There are streamers hanging from each of the turnbuckles. The ropes have Christmas lights that are blinking on a timer. The camera pans around the ringside area to look at all of the guests. On on side, the entire team of Glitterati is present. Elias is still dressed as Greg Jackson, Moxie Roxie is there golf-clapping with a irritated look on her face. The J-Crew are devouring the cake on their side as if they haven't eaten for months. La Cucaracha looks like she'd rather be anywhere else.

On the second side, we see Tweeder and Lucy Wylde next to each other. Occasionally, Lucy and Moxie shoot each other dirty looks but remain civil. Tweeder has a piece of cake in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Lucy is standing next to a mop with a picture of CJ Wylde's face plastered to it, she rolls her eyes as she glances at it. On the third side, we see GI's friends Billy Bob and Jack Frost, along with a couple of faces OWF fans have never met before. On the corner nearest the ramp, Phantasm stands alone, confusingly holding a balloon. The Avenger is at the base of the ramp, apparently working security. He is the only one doing that job.

GI makes his way to the ring and slides inside, shooing the man who introduced him and taking his microphone. He throws his arms up in the air and a small "boom" is heard before balloons and confetti drop from the ceiling. GI smiles and secures 'Belty' over his shoulder.

GI - Thank you, Cornelius. To quote a couple of famous philosophers, "Reunited and it feels so good!"

The crowd cheers again, laughing and having a good time at this silly celebration.

GI - I came here on a 5-0 run and you might say I needed to be humbled a bit. I mean, sure, I went the distance with Chaos and was the last one on my team to get eliminated at Shock and Terror, but those are still losses. I needed to come back in a big way. I needed to get my PDA title back. Well, I went to war with Chaos one more time, and I got her back!

He holds 'Belty' up in the air and the crowd cheers. They even begin to chant 'welcome back' at the PDA title, as if it were gone this whole time. GI laughs and continues.

GI - You see Belty, everyone loves you! They know that your proper home is right here, with me. I think Chaos knew that too, which is why he agreed to a rematch. I have to give him the respect he deserves. That match could have went either way. But in the end, he fell to the ground and I ascended to get the most important title in OWF back in my possession.

The guests at ringside clap and GI looks down and notices them.

GI - And hey, thanks for showing up, guys! We have everyone here. My Glitterati teammates...

This elicits boos from the crowd, although El Greg Jackson Azul brings in a few cheers.

GI - Tweeder and The Wyldes managed to show up! Even my friends made it. Billy Bob, Jack Frost, some guy named Danger from my ICW days...well, I'm not sure why you're here but I guess you're welcome too!

GI looks back into the camera and the crowd to continue his victory speech.

GI - I meant what I said. This belt is the most important belt in the OWF, and I have her. Even if certain champions may not feel the same way, it doesn't matter. This belt is for the toughest and if you went to war with Chaos like I did, you'd know that's true. I wasn't quite the same when I lost this championship and now that I have I don't intend on losing it again! In fact...

Without warning, another Powerman 5000 song plays on the speakers. This time it's "Super Villain", signaling the arrival of The Hostile Takeover's Sebastian Steel. The crowd boos him, as he already appears to have a microphone.

Sebastian Steel - Alright, enough of this bullshit.

The crowd boos even more, as they were clearly enjoying themselves before Steel came out. The Avenger, doing his job as the one man security team, adjusts his cape and charges up the ramp to get rid of Steel. Steel sees him coming and leaps up in the air, hitting him in the side of his head with a knee strike. With the "superhero" wobbly, Steel grabs him and tosses him right off the side of the ramp, where he lands with a thud. The crowd boos louder now while Steel laughs.

GI - Can't I have one celebration without some jerk shitting in the punch bowl?

Moxie Roxie can be seen spitting her punch back into her cup. Jack Frost looks at the punch and continues to drink it.

Sebastian Steel - I was just heartbroken, GI. After all, you're throwing this huge party and you didn't even invite The Hostile Takeover!

GI - Actually, I did invite Zodiac. It's not my fault you and Kaibutsu haven't caught up with the times and embraced tweeting yet.

The crowd laughs at this, but Steel doesn't seem to be amused.

Sebastian Steel - Zodiac wouldn't be caught dead at this clusterfuck. But don't worry GI, I'm not here to stop the celebration. Keep going for all I care.

GI seems confused at this, stepping closer to the ropes to observe the party crasher.

Sebastian Steel - In fact, I think you should celebrate as long as possible. Just party every single day you have with..."belty". Roll right into Croatia with that belt and celebrate every single moment you have with it. Because when Addiction happens on the 15th, the party ends.

Steel smirks and the crowd gives a mixed reaction. While the formal announcement of a title match is exciting, it's Steel that's getting it and and the live crowd won't get to watch. GI pats his belt and simply smiles at his new challenger.

GI - That's fine, Sebastian. But why wait? I'm a fighting champion and you've got nothing better to do. Why don't we have our title match right here, right now?

The audience cheers at this, but Steel is seen just shaking his head and laughing.

Sebastian Steel - Why, so your Glitterati teammates can help you? No, I'm not stupid. We'll do this on Hostile Takeover time. December 15th in Croatia. That's where you'll once again lose your belt. Only this time, you're not getting it back.

Steel tosses the microphone down and heads backstage, leaving the party ruined a bit. GI doesn't seem bothered, but he makes sure to try to cheer the crowd up anyway.

GI - Clearly Sebastian hasn't seen any of my matches. I don't need any help to kick his ass! You know what else I don't need help with? PARTYING! The ringside party is ruined, sure, but the after-party continues backstage in the Glitterati locker room! Come on everybody, grab a chunk of cake and let's get going! Grab a partner and form a conga line!

The group of guests at ringside form a half-hearted conga line, with only "Greg Jackson" and GI's friend Jack Frost really getting into it. The line moves backstage with GI in the back. He stops to check on his one-man security team, The Avenger, as the feed cuts back to the announce table.

Bobby Shavonie - Well, that was quite a celebration...

Nick Burst - I guess so, even with GI being interrupted by his opponent the next show!

Bobby Shavonie - Which is a huge match we had announced just before that special party GI held.

Nick Burst - That match is the biggest thing to take from it, besides the fact that GI is motivated to do whatever it takes to keep the PDA Title around his waist.

Bobby Shavonie - Yes he is... and he's a fighting champion, at that.

Nick Burst - His first defense is going to be a doozy, Bobby.

Bobby Shavonie - Oh for sure, Nick. And it's going to be a big match for Sebastian to take on, as well.

Nick Burst - That's without a question. It's a match we didn't expect to see, but now that it's a thing it's hard to imagine it not going down!

Bobby Shavonie - And we have two weeks to prepare for the doubleheader; and we're about to give you the second card, for the show on the 16th!

Nick Burst - Good, I can't wait to see what we've got on tap for that.

Bobby Shavonie - Well we're going to right now; so fans, we'll be back in a moment!

We soon fade away from inside the Palace of Sports, bringing the telecast to another commercial break.


Friday, December 16th 2016
Bucharest, Romania










Off the commercial break we come live on the commentary team of Bobby Shavonie and Nick Burst, who are sat facing forward ready to pick up where they left off the last time they addressed the fans at home.

Bobby Shavonie - We are going to take two weeks off, but we come back with two huge shows on back-to-back nights.

Nick Burst - No joke, Bobby. We get to see Lucy Wylde defend the Network Championship on the 16th, against Raven Talon!

Bobby Shavonie - That's going to be a huge match for Raven AND Lucy!

Nick Burst - If Raven Talon is able to win, he'll earn his first singles championship in the OWF outside of the PDA Title!

Bobby Shavonie - And if Lucy Wylde pulls off the victory, she'll reach three defenses of the Network Title; meaning she can engage the Tough Luck Clause.

Nick Burst - That's very true, Bobby. We will have to see how that one plays out because either she's going to make a signature championship; or she's going to vacate it for a World Title shot.

Bobby Shavonie - She'll have to get passed Raven Talon on a pretty big show as it stands booked.

Nick Burst - It'll be a lot of work for our wrestlers to travel between Croatia and Romania; but it'll have to do.

Bobby Shavonie - Yes it will... and before we fully focus on those shows, we have one match left to go; but we're due to head backstage first before we get to the opening announcements.

Nick Burst - I figured as much. Prime time for someone to get eyes on their actions backstage.

Bobby Shavonie - And that man is Phantasm, the winner of the 2016 Brawltopia Match; and we're going to catch up with him right now! We'll be right back folks!

Off those words we cut backstage, where we see Phantasm and his agent, Rodney Moore, departing the locker room of Will Prydor.

Rodney Moore - Well, it's good to know he's okay, I guess.

Phantasm simply nods, then lowers his head slightly.

Rodney Moore - Look, it's just like he told you. He wanted to handle it on his own. You can't feel guilty over that.

Phantasm grabs his notepad and writes down a few words, before passing it over to his loyal manager.

Rodney Moore - Yes, I know you could have helped. You probably could have ruined the tag champs' Christmas. But he didn't want you out there. It sucks but that's how it is. Come on, we've got to meet with the President.

The two begin walking down the hallway of the arena, when Phantasm notices a door not far from Prydor's. Moore sees the same thing and begins to shake his head.

Rodney Moore - Oh no. We're not doing that. The last thing we need right now is drama.

The door shows the name of "JESSE WILLIAMS - OWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION" across it. Phantasm reaches and arm up and Rodney almost leaps up to grab it and yank it back down.

Rodney Moore - Come on Phantasm, we have other places to be.

Before Phantasm can respond, the door of the locker room opens and Jesse Williams is suddenly surprised to see the larger Phantasm and his meek manager standing outside his locker room. Jesse takes a step back, in case this is meant to be some sort of attack.

Rodney Moore - Oh crap.

Jesse Williams - It's not Holiday Bash yet, but I'm perfectly fine with a fight.

Phantasm steps forward slightly. The camera catches the five inch height difference between the two men, with the bulkier challenger looking down at the champion. Phantasm then extends a hand as Rodney can be heard sighing with relief. Jesse, for his part, isn't sure to take it.

Rodney Moore - I think he's trying to introduce himself.

Jesse Williams - Doesn't he speak?

Phantasm shakes his head, pointing at a notepad in the front pocket of his vest and tapping his throat.

Jesse Williams - You're mute?

Phantasm nods. He then grabs his notepad and writes on a slip of paper, handing it off to Rodney. The entire situation strikes the champion as odd, but he keeps his mouth shut for now.

Rodney Moore - He says he wanted to meet you and say good luck before the match. I guess he sees this as a big deal.

Phantasm nods, then shoves his hand forward again.

Jesse Williams - No disrespect, big guy, but you can't just show up to someone's locker room in this place and expect a friendly meeting. I've got a ton of enemies here just waiting to take my head off. For all I know, you're one of them. We don't know anything about you. You come over here from NLW, wrestle sporadically and now you have a title match against me.

Phantasm writes another note in his pad, which Jesse watches him do. It appears the champion is used to having a two-sided conversation. This time the slip of paper is handed directly to Jesse.

Jesse Williams - "Wanted to show respect." Yes, I get that. A lot of people say they respect me. It's different when you're out there in the ring fighting for the belt.

Rodney Moore - If I can interject here...

Jesse Williams - There's no need. Phantasm gets what I'm saying. I respect him too. It's not every day you eliminate two former champions at once to win Brawltopia. But respect only carries you so far in wrestling, and now you're fighting for the top prize. I hope you understand that respect or not, I know you're coming to dethrone me. Somewhere inside of you, you know I'll be there to send you right back down the ladder. Right?

Phantasm nods again. Rodney seems to be the only one who feels awkward now, but he tries to get a word in anyway.

Rodney Moore - Well this has all been very fun, but I'm sure the champion would like to be left alone now. Come on, Phantasm.

Rodney walks away and Phantasm glances back. He then turns back to the champion and shrugs, as if to apologize.

Jesse Williams - Don't worry about him. He won't be fighting me at Holiday Bash. I don't take anything away from Chris Green or Will Prydor. I've fought them more times than I can count and I know how hard it was for you to overcome them. But you're entering a completely different playing field now. I hope you're ready for it.

Phantasm stares at Jesse for a moment, then makes title belt motions around his waist. Uncharacteristically, Jesse actually cracks a smile and a short laugh.

Jesse Williams - At least you're honest. I like that. I look forward to testing myself against you at Holiday Bash, Phantasm.

The confident champion ends the conversation on that note, going back inside while Phantasm turns around to catch up with his agent. The feed cuts back to ringside, where we focus in on the commentators so we can get their opinion on the matter.

Bobby Shavonie - Oh boy Nick...

Nick Burst - That was something else there, huh? A rather peaceful introduction to each other, even if it wasn't supposed to happen.

Bobby Shavonie - That's right Nick. Phantasm stumbled into there to meet his opponent at the new Pay Per View.

Nick Burst - And that's exactly what he did. Without making it into a fight, either.

Bobby Shavonie - Which is a big thing. There are so many people out there who would love to take advantage of Jesse Williams and the mental state he is in.

Nick Burst - Seems like Phantasm isn't going to be one of those who does so.

Bobby Shavonie - Honestly, he has enough physical resources to make anything happen that he really wants. He doesn't have to worry about anything heading into the match.

Nick Burst - Well, at least everything that he would be worried about comes when the contest actually begins.

Bobby Shavonie - That's right Nick. It'll be a tall task for Jesse Williams to deal with when the time comes.

Nick Burst - Literally, and figuratively.

We switch off to a shot in front of the time keepers table, with both Missy Janson and her Ukrainian partner getting up to their feet here.

Bobby Shavonie - That's true Nick... and we've got some time before those two lock up; but for right now, we've got the Main Event of our night coming up!

Nick Burst - It, too, will be for a championship here in the OWF; the Cruiserweight Title.

Bobby Shavonie - We've got the Champion, Trent Steel, looking to make his second defense while La Cucaracha is still looking for her first victory here.

Nick Burst - Makes you wonder how she got the shot, but regardless here she is.

Bobby Shavonie - Yes she is, and she's the perfect type of wrestler to thrive in situations like this.

Nick Burst - It's true... I'm with you on that completely, which is what makes this situation so precarious if you're Trent Steel.

Bobby Shavonie - You've got that right. We're about to see what he's really made of in this one.

Nick Burst - I think he's going to do just fine, honestly. There's a lot riding on this one for him, as far as singles success goes.

Bobby Shavonie - That's for sure, Nick... and now it's time to get into the match...

Nick Burst - Good. We've all been looking forward to that.

Bobby Shavonie - Not as much as the competitors have, I bet! And we'll find that out right now!

From the producers in the back both of the OWF Ring Announcers get their cue, with Missy Janson and her partner raising their microphones up in front of their faces to speak into the foam head of them.

Missy Janson - Fans, thank you all for being so great to us tonight!

The fans that weren't paying attention shoot it down to the ringside area, standing up to their feet and applauding as Missy and her counterpart continue.

Missy Janson - It's my honor to announce that it's time for the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!

There's an even bigger pop from the fans this time around, cutting the Ring Announcers off from being able to continue right away.

Missy Janson - It's a normal match, scheduled for a one-fall with no time limit... AND IT IS FOR THE OWF CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The roar from the crowd is loud and continuous for the next few seconds, allowing both Ring Announcers to take a second to compose themselves before they have to continue on with their announcements.

Missy Janson - Coming out first, the Challenger... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... LA CUCARACHA!

"Cuka Rocka" announces the arrival of La Cucaracha, inspiring a chorus of approval, slight indifference and mild disdain from the OWF faithful. A wave of giant cockroaches crawl over the big screen, before combining into a "La Cucaracha" logo. Parting the curtain, La Cucaracha stumbles out, wearing one of her own official t-shirts over her ring gear, along with an off-center antenna headband stuck in her messy brown hair. She reveals a wet paper sack to the audience, and reaches in to reveal one of her official La Cucaracha foam hissing cockroaches. She flings one roach into the audience, then another, and then another before finally dropping the sack to the stage. From there, Canada's fourth insect-themed luchadora begins her walk to the ring, occasionally putting her hands together to make a barely recognizable roach outline. Some fans mimic the gesture, others stare in confusion and irritation.

Nick Burst - I'm not exactly sure how she got into this situation, but La Cucaracha has a big opportunity tonight.

Bobby Shavonie - You got that right, Nick. First title shot for her here in the OWF.

Nick Burst - You have that right Bobby. Now it's up to her to make the most of it.

Bobby Shavonie - And if she does, by the end of the night Glitterati will hold two singles titles here in the OWF.

Nick Burst - That's ultimately the goal, yes. They'd love to dominate the title picture from the top down, and this is a step in that direction.

Bobby Shavonie - For sure, but she has her work cut out for her.

Nick Burst - That she does. She may have the style down pat to succeed in the Cruiserweight division, but that doesn't mean squat unless you can make something out of that.

Bobby Shavonie - Indeed, Nick. You have to believe she'll be focused and ready for this one when the bell rings.

Nick Burst - You'd hope so, because if she can't get ramped up for this one then I don't know what to tell you.

Bobby Shavonie - I can agree with that sentiment.

At ringside, she removes her antenna headband and places it on the head of the most sickeningly adorable fan she can find. Many fans cheer, while the ones that see through the pandering opt to hold their tongues for fear of appearing cynical. La Cucaracha rolls under the bottom rope and springs to her feet, tearing her t-shirt off and pitching it to the crowd. Sprinting to a far corner and climbing to the second turnbuckle, she once again gives the audience her roach hand signal that no one can seem to duplicate. La Cucaracha points to someone in the crowd, seemingly for no reason, before jumping back to the mat to await the opening bell.

We're quick to cut back down to ringside, focusing in upon the Ring Announcer and her partner at her side so they can speak up again.

Missy Janson - And her opponent... from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... He is the CURRENT OWF CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION... TRENT STEEL!

"Bleed the Freak" by Alice in Chains hits the speakers and Trent Steel emerges from the back to a huge ovation from the crowd, the OWF Cruiserweight Title draped over his right shoulder. He walks out and is quick to storm down the walkway from the entrance way to the ring. As he gets down to the ring Trent doesn't have to disrobe, since he isn't in his entrance gear, and he simply stares inside of the ring.

Bobby Shavonie - Ever since becoming Cruiserweight Champion, Trent Steel has been on a tear.

Nick Burst - You're absolutely correct, Bobby. He's taken a lot of pride in this.

Bobby Shavonie - And that's great for motivating him for the future.

Nick Burst - That it is, no matter what it is Trent does he's always able to perform better when the confidence is there.

Bobby Shavonie - You've got that right, and this is a crucial time of year for him.

Nick Burst - It sure is. Last year he was the winner of the 2015 Christmas Tree Match... and he'd love to repeat again.

Bobby Shavonie - That's for sure. A lot has turned around for Trent in the year since that win.

Nick Burst - You've got that right... and you know he's not done yet; there's a lot left for Steel to accomplish in the coming year.

Bobby Shavonie - And if he wants that, he must go out there and get it done for himself tonight!

After Trent immediately steps through the ropes and heads off to the furthest corner, looking around at his surroundings as he does so. He walks to his corner as his music fades out and he waits for the match to start.

The referee for this match, Dean Stern, moves in to take hold of the Cruiserweight Championship from Trent; immediately moving out to the middle of the ring to display it above his head, having the fans cheer out in response. Stern moves to the side of the ring to pass the title belt off to Missy Janson, who promptly returns to her seat at the time keepers table.

After that's done the referee returns to the middle of the ring to look off at La Cucaracha to check to see if she's ready for the match to start, and she is. Stern then looks off to Trent Steel, who is also ready for the match to begin, and that allows Dean to signal for the bell to be rung.


(One-fall, no time limit. Win by pinfall or submission)


(Ding, Ding, Ding...)

The bell rings and right out of the gate La Cucaracha rushes from her corner, being met by the sight of Trent Steel swiftly walking himself forward in the direction of the middle of the ring to keep his eyes peeled on his opponent. When she's close enough to do something physical La Cucaracha leaves her feet and twirls through the air to go for a spinning wheel kick, only to have Steel stand his ground as he catches his opponent in his two arms. From that he flings Cucaracha over his right shoulder into a front powerslam position that is actually quite shortlived as she squirms to slide off his shoulder, dropping down to her feet directly behind Steel. Without hesitation Cucaracha leaves her feet to connect with a high angle dropkick to the back of her opponent, shooting Trent down to his hands and knees after he loses his balance to remain on his feet. The pain is short lived and Trent Steel quickly begins the task of rising upwards only to be met with a running knee strike to the back of the head by his opponent for his efforts, leaving him stuck on his knees as La Cucaracha winds out directly in front of him. Once she arrives there Cucaracha completes a shortstacked enziguri against the left side of Trent's face, snapping him right back down onto the palms of his hands and his two knees. Scrambling as fast as her body will allow we see La Cucaracha race to get back to her feet so she can come in and grab her opponent by the sides of the head, using the strength she does have to bring Steel upwards towards a standing position. She expends that energy just so she can drop down to where Steel was laying, tangling her legs up with his around his ankles so she can perform a reverse drop toe hold which sends Steel falling down to his back instead of crashing him face-first down to the mat. As soon as she can La Cucaracha shoots back standing so she can look down at her opponent, sizing him up from the side before jumping up into the air to complete a shooting star press that she pulls up on; laying out to complete a huge elbow drop. The move is pretty remarkable but she doesn't let it clog her thoughts, having Cucaracha get up to her knees to grab Steel by his hair at the sides of his skull so she can begin slamming his skull backwards into the canvas of the mat under him. The referee comes in and warns La Cucaracha about her actions and this motivates her to stop what she is doing immediately in order to show Dean Stern her two empty hands. She lowers them again to take a cradled hold of Trent's head, a completely legal move, as Cucaracha gets him settled up on rear end which is when she bends over to get him established into a tight front face lock with her left arm. She brings her right up into the mix so she can assist her own plight, getting Steel set up on his two feet and leaving him bent over at the waist so he can be blasted with a series of rising knee strikes to his chest and sternum. They are meant to do damage and impair his breathing pattern, both of which are the first direct results of those attacks; allowing La Cucaracha to grab Trent by the hair on the back of his head to peel him to a completely upright stance on his two feet directly in front of her. In a flash she spins herself around a half-rotation to bring the sole of her right boot straight below the waistline of her opponent, causing Trent to immediately double over in a great deal of pain as the fans boo Cucaracha for her deliberate actions here.

Bobby Shavonie - La Cucaracha coming out here and showing she's not messing around!

Nick Burst - And that's exactly what she had to do in order to get herself moving forward here in the OWF.

Bobby Shavonie - Can't disagree with you there. It also puts Trent Steel on the defensive, where he doesn't want to be.

In the seconds directly following that kick La Cucaracha sprints off in the direction of the ring ropes to the right side of her opponent, allowing her to spin and take to them back-first to add to her rate of speed upon return. As she comes in she extends her right leg away from her body to impact the side of Trent's face with the front kick, devastating him there and causing Steel to stand upright and spin around to expose his back to his opponent. As soon as he does Cucaracha goes low to chop block his left leg out from under him, staying one step ahead of her opponent and forcing Steel to remain on the defensive during the course of this section of the match. Within a second we see La Cucaracha back up on her feet so she can swing around to be facing the downed Champion, leaving her feet to complete a lightning fast falling leg drop across the throat of her opponent. Once again after completion of this we watch as La Cucaracha gets right up to her knees, grabbing Steel by the hair so she can lead him upright while she herself carefully scales to a standing position on her two feet. The referee admonishes her for the actions she takes but Cucaracha completely ignores him, unleashing a combination of uplifting hooks into the stomach of her opponent which does the trick in keeping him damaged and allowing La Cucaracha the time she needs to figure out what she wants to do next. A clubbing forearm that comes down upon the upper back of Trent keeps him left where he's stood, allowing Cucaracha the chance to punt out his damaged left leg at his knee so Steel collapses down upon it right out in front of her. Cucaracha is lightning quick to step in and apply a front face lock to her opponent, falling backwards to land back-first on the canvas so she can spike Trent face-first into the mat with the shortstacked DDT. Even though she has a chance to improve upon it La Cucaracha decides to shoot the half on her opponent to flatten Steel upon his back, making sure he stays right where he's at as she crawls over him into a lateral press that OWF Official Dean Stern comes sliding in to make the count on once he sees it transpiring. 1... 2... La Cucaracha's pinfall barely gets her a two-count as Trent Steel kicks out right after the second time the referee's hand hits the mat. This leaves Cucaracha scrambling to get up to her feet, needing a second to get balanced before she unleashes a downward stomp upon the back directly between his two shoulder blades after Trent rolls over onto his hands and knees. Cucaracha is given a few extra seconds here to get herself completely composed, watching as Trent extends both of his arms to attain a position on his hands and knees. As soon as she realizes that's what he's going for La Cucaracha comes storming in to unleash a wicked punt kick to the left side of Trent's body, causing him to freeze where he's at while he yells out in pain. That's the perfect lead that Cucaracha needs as she once again retreats to the side of the ring to the left of her opponent, bouncing off the ring ropes and coming blitzing back in the direction of Trent. Somewhere inside of him something snaps inside of Steel, allowing him to shoot right up to his feet in a flash so he can confront his opponent chest-to-chest; wrapping his arms around Cucaracha's body and flipping her high over his head without an issue to complete the belly-to-belly suplex he was looking for which pops the crowd huge as it's completed.

Nick Burst - Well there he fucking goes! That's a start there for Trent Steel...

Bobby Shavonie - Yes it is, and it's going to be a long road back for him now that he's begun the task.

Nick Burst - Well it's better late than never, that's what I always say.

Bobby Shavonie - That's a good point. La Cucaracha came out in this one looking to get one over on Trent, and he's finally put his foot down.

Nick Burst - It was about time, too. Regardless of what he's going through in regards to lingering issues from Brawltopia, he needs to step up.

Bobby Shavonie - And I think that fact will motivate him to keep on the offensive, even if it's just for a little bit.

Nick Burst - He just can't afford to have La Cucaracha take back control of this match; because all she needs is one cheap tactic, and then she's right back in this.

Bobby Shavonie - And we've seen she's got no problem going back to that well if she needs to.

Nick Burst - Never has, either. It's part of her persona, Bobby.

Bobby Shavonie - Yes it is and it's up to Trent Steel to be able to handle it on his own.

It's a hard path for La Cucaracha to be able to take to get herself up off the mat at the rate of speed she's looking to do so, ending up a few steps behind her opponent as Steel maneuvers himself upright as fast as physically possible even considering the pain he is in. The fans stay loud in support of Trent Steel as he comes upon his opponent and reaches down with both of his extended arms to take Cucaracha under both of her arms so he can gradually pick her upright without much difficulty in doing so. After going through with that Steel manages to connect with a knee strike to her abdomen which does the trick of keeping Cucaracha at bay, allowing him the opportunity to set her into a front face lock that easily becomes a full-on suplex hold as soon as he wants it to become one. In a hurry he brings her up off her feet so he can lay himself out, completing a vicious snap suplex that brings La Cucaracha down to the mat with a ton of force that she wasn't prepared for. Even worse, Trent stays attached to his opponent in the suplex hold so he can gradually bring her upright to once again be stuck in his clutches while being held hunched over. The very second he accomplishes that Steel flips the script by delivering a very patient stalling suplex, bringing Cucaracha upside down and holding her in the vertical suplex clutch for an entirety of five seconds before he collapses down to his back; disengaging from his opponent after completing the maneuver. That's not all that Trent has planned for this moment as he winds himself up to a standing position as fast as his body will allow, leaving his back pointing in the direction of his opponent as he sprints away to the set of ring ropes that he's set standing towards. As quickly as he can Steel swings his body around so his back can take the impact of the ring cables, springing them forward fast enough so he can leave his feet and complete a running guillotine leg drop that is executed with lightning speed across the throat and upper chest of his opponent. As quickly as he fell down to the mat to complete that we see Trent Steel return standing just as fast, watching La Cucaracha roll over onto her hands and knees as she desperately tries to fill her lungs with air that just won't pass by her damaged throat. There's no hesitation on behalf of her opponent as Cucaracha soon finds herself being grabbed up by her right arm and tugged to a standing position, eventually having her right wrist grabbed up so she can be irish whipped off to the same set of ring cables that Trent himself hit just before. There's plenty of time for her to deal with them as Cucaracha actually decides to go for broke as she leaps up from the fabric of the canvas to send the soles of her two boots upon the middle ring cable, allowing her to immediately spring backwards into a beautifully rotated backflip directed down towards her opponent. La Cucaracha does everything right but still gets caught in mid-air over Trent's right shoulder as he pulls her into a front powerslam position before dropping down to his knees, slamming his opponent's stomach over the bones in his collar and upper arm. That impact keeps La Cucaracha from fighting as we watch the OWF Cruiserweight Champion ascend back to a standing position with his opponent laying face-down over his right shoulder still. It takes him a second or two in order to swing his body around to face the majority of the open space inside of the ring, but as soon as Steel does that he takes three lunging steps forward and effectively swings Cucaracha off his shoulders so she can be directed back-first into the mat with the beautiful front powerslam that Steel was planning from the start of the reversal. It's completed and Steel immediately launches himself back to a standing position, literally taking less time to do so than it takes to blink your eyes as he stands at the side of his fallen opponent. That all changes when Steel leaves his feet to lay his body out parallel to the canvas below him, allowing gravity and the momentum he took to the air with to bring him falling back down to earth; crashing down over Cucaracha's exposed abdomen and chest with the incredible leaping senton that Steel unleashes upon her. The natural instincts of Cucaracha send her up onto her rear end as she desperately gasps for air, curling up both of her arms around her midsection in a way to cradle it from the pain that it's going through here. The Champion realizes this and it doesn't make his plans any more difficult as he chooses to go for her head, reaching down to grab Cucaracha by the sides of the head down by her neck so she can be slowly and surely brought up to her feet in front of him. When Steel is good and ready he squares up with his opponent and does so with the intention of costing her dearly, uncorking a three-strike combination of furious fists to either side of her face in a flurry. He intends to add more to this combination but in the lull between the third and fourth attacks he's met with an undeniable low blow that is blatant for all to see, with La Cucaracha kicking Steel between the legs and earning her freedom in doing so. The referee for this match, Dean Stern, gets right up in La Cucaracha's face and admonishes her for her actions which she lets go in one ear and out the other; even as the OWF Official threatens her with disqualification if she's to break the rules again. As she ignores him she takes stock of the positioning of her standing opponent, noting that Steel is currently doubled over in a great deal of pain as a result of the move she unleashed upon him. That's all the information she needs as Cucaracha blazes off to the set of ring ropes to the right side of her opponent's body, coming back at him with everything she can muster up so she can lay out and go for a front dropkick to the side of his skull. Somehow Steel senses it is coming and manages to stand himself all the way upright in a hurry, keeping his eyes wide to watch his opponent crash down flat to her back empty handed within the second of the miss. For Trent he has an opportunity he cannot pass up, taking to the air again and falling down upon the abdomen of his opponent with a second back senton; but for this one he remains laying over Cucaracha's body, not to go for a pinfall though. Instead he weaves both of his arms back around her head and between her legs so that as soon as Trent Steel sits himself up he can pull the Challenger up onto his shoulders, using his legs the rest of the way until he can attain the standing firemans carry that he was looking for. The fans pop loudly as Steel blitzes off to corner that he has Cucaracha's head pointing towards and he flips her off his shoulders to go for the death valley driver into the padded turnbuckles he calls the Pittsburgh Nightmare but La Cucaracha is able to front flip all the way over onto her feet to avoid it; crashing chest-first against the corner while her opponent stays seated behind her, watching La Cucaracha stumble back towards him. Steel takes her up between the legs and completes a school boy roll-up on her, flattening La Cucaracha's shoulders down to the mat and putting his weight down upon the back of her legs to get a pinfall counted by OWF Referee Dean Stern. 1... 2... La Cucaracha kicks out, forcing Steel to stagger down onto his hands and knees after the failed attempt.

Bobby Shavonie - Wow Nick! That match was almost over there, for two different reasons!

Nick Burst - You've seen Nick Burst get himself back in control, and he's been doing wonders with it; but Cucaracha is still fighting.

Bobby Shavonie - That she is, Nick. It's pretty even as far as the control of this match has gone... even if Trent is in control now.

Nick Burst - You got that right Bobby. This one is up for the taking.

Bobby Shavonie - It's easy to say that we're expecting Steel to keep control or Cucaracha to get back involved in this...

Nick Burst - It is; but actions always speak louder than words, and Trent Steel and La Cucaracha have done so with the effort they've put into this one.

Bobby Shavonie - That's right Nick, all for the right to be called the OWF Cruiserweight Champion!

Nick Burst - Damn straight... and that raises the prestige of the title with every single important defense that comes along like this.

Bobby Shavonie - Indeed, Nick!

Nick Burst - After this one, no matter who wins, we can look forward to the division widening even more than it already has...

The two competitors move as fast as they can to move upwards, being a little bit slower than they were before the match ratcheted up the pain between the two. The fans are on their feet watching the action take place in front of them, seeing Steel get standing first and watch Cucaracha as she staggers to get up to join him. It's not long before the two are due to get engaged with one another, Steel throwing a wide right hook at his opponent's head that she is able to duck under by mere inches; slapping a huge open handed chop across Trent's exposed chest to stun him momentarily. As soon as she's accomplished that La Cucaracha reaches out to take a hold of Steel's right hand with her left, interlocking all of her fingers with his and immediately jumping off to the nearest side of the ring so she can rope walk up to the top ring cable. After doing so La Cucaracha quickly leaps from the top rope and front flips herself through the air, completing a somersault arm drag that brings Steel flopping over onto his back in a hurry. She refuses to waste any time and puts all of her energy into rotating up to a standing position on her two feet, remaining upright as she approaches Trent from the side just as he begins to sit himself up on his rear end. Without any hesitation she connects with a front kick across his chest followed by a sharp kick against his back, alternating from her right and left legs to complete this damage and going through it exactly three times; ultimately unleashing six strikes in total to the damaged body of her opponent. When she's done with that Cucaracha runs herself to the set of ring ropes that her opponent is sat facing, coming against them with her back and launching herself forward with so much speed that she nearly loses control. La Cucaracha manages to stay upright long enough so that she can get back on her opponent, leaving her feet and launching her body over in a front flipping motion to complete the front flipping cannonball splash she was looking for. As soon as it connects we see her scramble to get back over her opponent, laying out over his chest and abdomen to hook a leg for a tight pinfall; having the referee come sliding in to make the count. 1... 2... Trent kicks out here, staying alive and pushing himself up and over onto his hands and knees so he can begin to rise up from this positioning. La Cucaracha stays right on top of him so she can grab him by the length of his hair, tugging him upwards while the referee comes in to admonish her for her actions which Cucaracha completely ignores as she manages to get Steel stationed up on his two feet in front of her. She releases her hands and digs her finger tips into the face of her opponent, raking downward on the eye sockets Steel which temporarily blinds him where he's at and gives Cucaracha the choice to do whatever she wants to do from here. She chooses to leave her feet so she can wrap her two ankles around the head and neck of her opponent, flipping through to complete a beautiful headscissors takedown but somehow Trent Steel is able to counter it by placing both of his hands down upon the mat so he can cartwheel to a perfect dismount. The very moment he gets his two feet set on the mat he watches his opponent sit herself up on her rear, allowing him to leave his feet and connect with a beautiful dropkick that sends both of his feet flush into Cucaracha's face; sending her collapsing down to the canvas in a hurry where both competitors remain at this moment, trying to get themselves back into this match as soon as possible.

Nick Burst - This is turning into quite the great little match we have here!

Bobby Shavonie - No kidding, Nick!

Nick Burst - I wouldn't mind seeing these two go at it even longer, if they can!

Bobby Shavonie - That's left to be seen!

The rate of speed at which they move upwards is clearly even stevens as the competitors fight with all they have, muscling upwards with the strength they've got left in their reserves and making a case for themselves to keep going. Eventually it's Steel who makes it standing first but he's followed by Cucaracha maybe a second later which cuts him, and her, off from any sort of offensive streak that made be up for the taking here. What looks like an apprehensive approach is soon sent to the wayside as the two competitors come rumbling forward, ready to attack as soon as possible and arriving in the middle of the squared circle to do exactly that. La Cucaracha squares up with her opponent and watches as Steel gets ready to attack, but Cucaracha acts first by sending her extended right leg floating into the air trying to knock Trent's block off as soon as possible. At the very last second before contact we see Steel dip down under the attack, allowing him to pop up directly behind his opponent to grab Cucaracha in a tight reverse waist lock around her midsection. At first she tries to pull both of his arms away from his body, but when she lacks the strength to do that she goes back to what she knows best and starts that off by standing herself up as straight as she can. She calls out to the referee and Stern walks in to see what she wants, where he's grabbed by the collar and pulled in tight so his vision his heavily obstructed; while also preventing Steel from lifting her up in any form or fashion. Out of nowhere she completes a back mule kick that sends her left leg up between Trent's legs, catching him with a devastating low blow that instantly causes both of his arms to go limp as he's forced to release Cucaracha from the hold he had upon her. After that shot to the groin Trent is in obvious pain and the referee comes in to check on him, not understanding why there's such a problem as he's released by La Cucaracha while the fans boo heavily since they saw everything take place right in front of them. When he raises his line of sight Dean Stern watches La Cucaracha walk herself off to her corner where she begins to mess with the top turnbuckle pad, pulling the strings from it which gets the OWF Official walking off in that direction to scold her for this; reattaching the pad as she walks away.

Bobby Shavonie - She's always up to no good, this La Cucaracha!

Nick Burst - Yeah no kidding Bobby, look!

The shot inside of the ring shows Steel standing himself up straight in front of his opponent, while Cucaracha reaches down into her boot to pull out a clear ziplock bag. She dips her hand into it, producing a handful of glitter she throws right into Steel's eyes; blinding him and forcing him to lose sight of a second low blow between his legs. The fans boo as they see La Cucaracha strap both of his arms around his own body in a straight jacket hold, pulling his head to her left side and immediately falling out to execute the straightjacket DDT she calls the Hiss of Death just in time for the referee to return to the middle of the ring.

Nick Burst - Oh fucking HELL!

Bobby Shavonie - It can't end like this!

La Cucaracha grabs up Trent by his two legs, hooking them tightly and grabbing a handful of his tights as Dean Stern loses sight of that illegal factor to check on his shoulders; immediately making the count as soon as he can. 1... 2... 3!

Nick Burst - Ahhhh fuck!


As soon as she can La Cucaracha rolls herself along the canvas to get off of Trent Steel, hearing the boo's of the crowd as she exits the ring and runs off to the time keepers table to take hold of the OWF Cruiserweight Championship.

Bobby Shavonie - Highway robbery at its very worst right there, Nick!

Nick Burst - And it's a fucking shame because La Cucaracha was in this match without needing any of that cheap shit!

Bobby Shavonie - That's exactly it. She still could have won even if she didn't go to those methods.

Nick Burst - But she did, because she's a cockroach Bobby. It's in her fucking name.

Bobby Shavonie - You got that right Nick and she shows it to us every single time she is out here...

Nick Burst - What's crazy is that this is the first win that La Cucaracha has gotten here in the OWF, so this is a huge step forward for her.

Bobby Shavonie - Especially as she remains a champion and will have to defend that title to the levels that Trent Steel did; and even higher.

Nick Burst - I knew the competition level would be high... but I never fully expected it to be as intense as it is.

Bobby Shavonie - It's a great division to focus on, and it gives those who may be just starting out a reason to get prepped up and ready for what the OWF needs out of you.

Trent Steel gets conscious in the ring and wipes his eyes from the glitter, barely able to see Cucaracha as she celebrates on the outside of the ring.

Nick Burst - That may be true for La Cucaracha, but this puts Trent Steel in a relatively bad spot.

Bobby Shavonie - He definitely didn't want this loss, and he did enough that he shouldn't have experienced it.

Nick Burst - You're right about that Bobby... If I was Trent, I'd be talking about getting a rematch even if he didn't have enough defenses for it.

Bobby Shavonie - Well the big thing is, how many contendership points will it cost for a cash in; we haven't been made clear on that.

Nick Burst - No we haven't. That's something we'll have to figure out as time passes, I guess.

Bobby Shavonie - I'm sure Trent Steel is going to have his eyes focused on retaining his gold; but he also has the OWF Christmas Tree Match to look forward to.

Nick Burst - If I was him, I wouldn't put one in front of the other unless I had to; and if he does, I'd think it'd be the Christmas Tree Match.

Bobby Shavonie - That's very possible, Nick.

The cameras stay fixated on her as she looks to make her hasty exit, very happy with what she's done for the night.

Bobby Shavonie - We'll see how that all pans out as time goes on... because it's time for us to call it a night!

Nick Burst - Makes sense. Sucks we have some time off, but I can't wait for the next set of shows.

Bobby Shavonie - That's right, Nick. We won't see you next week, but we'll be back with the Addiction Doubleheader on December 15th and 16th! Take care and talk to you all soon!

The image of La Cucaracha holding up the CW Title is the last we see as the OWF logo fades into the screen, soon enough giving way to total darkness to end the show.



(One fall, no time limit. Win by pinfall or submission)




Another installment in the history of the Christmas Tree Match when it comes to the OWF and the holidays! But this is unlike any match you will see for the rest of the year! There will be a twenty five foot tree, adorned with lights and decorations, erected in the middle of the OWF ring. At the fifteen foot level there will be a steel platform that will support the weight of multiple competitors, and gives them a place to either rest; or do more damage to their opponents.

All competitors will start the match outside of the ring, giving all a fair chance. The object of the Christmas Tree Match is to be the first competitor to scale the tree and take the golden star off the top of it, which will win the match for that competitor; awarding them with a shot at the OWF World Heavyweight Championship at OWF Clash of Champions in January; live on Pay Per View!













(One fall, no time limit. Win by pinfall or submission)